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Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I hurt my back and these shirt massages have kept me going. Love it!

(Anonymous, 1,360 days ago)

Best massage in town!

(Anonymous, 1,380 days ago)

A Better U is the BEST! This is the only place I've ever gotten a really good massage for my sore back and neck. I highly recommend Ms. Virden and the website is very intuitive and easy to use.

(Phyllis C., 1,408 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,534 days ago)

Always great service all the way around. I have been receiving therapeutic massages for 7 years at Better U Massage and I will continue. The worst part about the massage is that I have to get up and go home afterward! Yes it feels that great! The therapeutic massages are not only relaxing but healing as well. I can attest for this as I am a person that suffers from lower back pains. Tiffani is always on time and professional and a great massage therapist. I will continue to recommend her professional services to everyone willing to listen! Don't forget about her online gift certificates ... They are always great suprised for friends , family, co workers and love ones.

(Anonymous, 1,735 days ago)

Always enjoy my experiences!

(Amanda B., 1,765 days ago)


(J. don O., 1,773 days ago)

Ms. Teffany is prompt, courteous, and completely healed the pain I felt in my lower back; I definitely recommend her to anyone needing a quality excellent massage. Customer service is wonderful!

(Phyllis C., 1,790 days ago)

Massage was excellent, the back pain I was experiencing has completely disappeared. A Better U ALWAYS delivers excellent results!

(Anonymous, 1,790 days ago)

Hands down the best I have ever had!! I could hardly walk when I first came in. After the first visit, I could move my right foot from the excellorator to the break without pain. After the second visit, I could get out of bed without saying "oh! Oh! Oh! Um!" on my way to the bathroom. By the 3rd, I could bend over and tie my shoes. That was a Mon. Wed. Fri. Schedule. I felt so good, I booked another week. After the 4th visit, I could shop at Sams through all the isles, without having to take a set up front or in the home furnishing row. By the 5th visit, let's just say, my wife....was very pleased!!!! A Better U Massage is better than anything I've ever done for myself and my family. This lady is a GOD SEND. THANK YOU!! Mr. H.M.

(Anonymous, 1,856 days ago)

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